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Seerkali Govidarajan Part 1

Devotional Songs - Vinayagar Vanakkam விநாயகர் வணக்கம்

There would be no better way than starting with songs from Isai Mani Padmashri Seergazhi Dr. Govindarajan's songs.

Keeping with tradition I start with Vinayagar Vanakkam

Song List

 Aanai Mugathaan  ஆனை முகத்தான்
 Ganapathiye Varuvaai கணபதியே வருவாய்
 Gnala Muthalvane  ஞால முதல்வனே
 Munnai Muzhu Muthale    முன்னை முழு முதலே
 Muthat Pillai முதற் பிள்ளை
 Naadiya Porul நாடிய பொருள்
 VaakuTharum  வாக்கு தரும்
 Vinayagar Agaval  விநாயகர் அகவல்
 Vinayakane விநாயகனே

Lyrics of the Songs.
பாடல்  வரிகள் 

Lyrics of the song : Aanai Mugathaan ஆனை முகத்தான்

Lyrics of the song : Ganapathiye Varuvaai கணபதியே வருவாய்

Lyrics of the song : Gnala Muthalvane ஞால முதல்வனே

Lyrics of the song : Munnai Muzhu Muthale முன்னை முழு முதலே

Lyrics of the song : Muthat Pillai முதற் பிள்ளை

Lyrics of the song : Naadiya Porul நாடிய பொருள்

Lyrics of the song : Vinayagar Agaval  விநாயகர் அகவல்

Lyrics of the song : Vaaku Tharum வாக்கு தரும்

Lyrics of the song : Vinayakane Vinai Theerpavane விநாயகனே வினை தீர்ப்பவனே 

Original Songs

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Enhanced Songs

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  1. der r few mistakes in the last song.... vinaayaganae vinnai theerpavanae song.....
    kadhir vaelavanin karuthil ninrai....
    Really a fantastic song.... thxs for the lyrics :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you for the comment. I have changed தணிவிப்பான். As for தன்மையினார் கண்ணிர் whether it should be தன்மையினாற் கண்ணிற் I am ot sure. Any help is appreciated.

  4. hai can any one post the lyrics of these songs of chitra's sarvam sakthi mayam amman songs pls thank you i have posted the songs link pls if any body pls listen it is very nice .

  5. hai can any body post me the lyrics of veeramani sir song neeranja manasu unakuthandi magamaee that song plsin tamil

  6. Aravinth.S.M
    Hi,its really great work,keep it up.......

  7. Collection of Sri Sirkali S.Govindarajan, really
    a very good one.

  8. Couple of corrections in vinaayaganae vinnai theerpavanae:
    - 'veppinayai verarukka vallaan' in the first line
    - As pointed out above, 'kadhir velavanin karuthil nindrai' (velavanin, not velanin)

  9. Need help
    I want gajananam song lyrics in tamil

  10. Need help
    I want gajananam song lyrics in tamil


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